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Keep yourself up to date with our fishery’s simple rules

Making sure you follow our fishery’s rules is extremely important, not just for the safety of our fish, but for the enjoyment of our other members too.

Below you will be able to find our list of rules that we advise all of our members to follow. If you have any questions about any of our rules, or would like to discuss anything with us, then call today on 07586 808787, or get in touch with us by sending a message through our contact page.

Our fishery rules are as follows:

  • All members must have a current fishing licence
  • Fly fishing only to be carried out. Spinning and /or any other form of fishing is strictly prohibited.
  • Do not leave litter, particularly leader line and polythene scrap. All litter should be taken away and disposed of properly
  • All members should give every assistance in their power to prevent illegal fishing
  • Report any diseased or distressed fish and/or anything concerning the fishery to the Manager
  • All members and guests enter, fish and exit the fishery entirely at their own risk. No responsibility can be accepted or claims entertained for personal accident, inconvenience, and damage to car and equipment.
  • Boats are for the use of members only and are used entirely at their own risk . A LIFE JACKET MUST BE WORN AT ALL TIMES  WHILST AFLOAT.
  • Members are allowed to take THREE trout per day with a MAXIMUM of SIX trout in any one week.
  • The week commences on Monday. All other fish must be carefully returned to the water unharmed. Catch and Release on barbless hooks wherever possible.
  • There is a maximum of eight fish to be caught in any one session and/or day. During  the months when HIGH TEMPERATURE CONTROLS are in place the daily and weekly kill allowances will apply.
  • Maximum of 30 fish to be killed per member in any one season
  • All Brown, Blue, Tiger and Sparctic Trout are stocked on a Catch and Release basis only. Please be extremely careful in their handling and release.
  • Please record any Brown , Blue, Tiger and Sparctic Trout in the Returns Book. Each species is shown on the returns sheet.
  • All members must sign in before fishing and complete their returns after fishing (including nil returns). This is absolutely essential in the interest of stocking programmes
  • The water is deep and wading is strictly prohibited. Junior members should not use the boats unless supervised by an adult syndicate member. Rod sharing is strictly prohibited. Membership only entitles the member to fish unless with prior agreement by the fishery manager.
  • The use of all "booby" and "blob" patterns are strictly prohibited.
  • "HIGH TEMPERATURE CONTROLS” will be applied during JULY and AUGUST annually, when Catch and Release will be suspended and a strict " Catch and Kill” policy introduced  for all species and sizes .
    This means up to 3 Trout can be killed in any one day with a maximum of six Trout in any one week. All fish killed during this period will count towards each members season kill limit of 30 trout.

    Introduction and removal of the “HIGH TEMPERATURE CONTROLS” will be communicated to all members as necessary.

  • Receipt of a copy of these Rules are deemed to be accepted and fully understood by all members. Any breach of the above will result in the member having their membership terminated and receive a pro rata return of their membership subscription.